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Electricity Resistant Ceramic Adhesives, Paint 

2800ºF - RESBOND 919

Resbond 919 was formulated with Cotronics ceramic binders to offer an adhesive with exceptionably high electrical resistance.
These special binders maintain their high electrical resistance and dielectric strength even when exposed to temperatures up to 2800ºF.

Just mix the 919 to a creamy paste, apply and dry at room temperature.

Application - Bonds electrode rods into electrically insulating ceramic tubes and protects them from voltage breakdown and corrosive atmospheres.
- Seals light bulb fixtures, Insulating them with out cracking when exposed to heat and thermal cycling.
- Forms protective tubes for fiberglass covered extension wires against heat and corrosion.

Resbond 919 is commonly used for electrical insulation when potting, sealing or coating, ingnitors, thermocouples, heating coils, instrumentation, etc.

Resbond 919 is classfied in Electrically Resistant item, and, not in Thermally Conductive class.

3000ºF - RESBOND 920

Resbond 920 is ideal to use in applications where a combination of high electrical resistance and good thermal conductivity is required
Resbond 920
offers both high thermal conductivity and the superior electrical resistance. It should be used wherever rapid dissipation of heat is required.
Resbond 920 has excellent electrical, chemical and solvent resistance.
Resbond 920 is easy to use. Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature. Cures can be accelerated with mild heat (when required).
Resbond 920 is easily incorporated into many production processes. It
replaces many other adhesives and potting compounds used in various applications, from - 60ºC to 1500ºC, of heating elements production.

Applications Include
: Bonding high temperature resistors, pyrometers, heating elements, furnace elements, etc. .



New, High Purity, Alumina based adhesive incorporates a unique, catalytic curing system.
Just mix the adhesive and it's activator to form a readily dispensable, smooth, creamy paste.
It will not clog delicate dispensing needles and is suitable for any application requiring micro drops or several ounces of material.
Resbond 908 has excellent electrical resistance, moisture resistance and thermal conductivity.
Resbond 908 will become water insoluble after use (or post cure) at temperatures of 250ºF - 300ºF.
908 Successfully filled a long tubular probe, providing long term electrical isolation and moisture proofing for a electronic sensor.

Applications include bonding, potting and encapsulating delicate electronic assembles, sensors, instruments and general purpose high temp. applications.
It will satisfy many difficult application requirements and is ideal for many critical, electronic applications.


Resbond 903HP is an ultra high temperature, Alumina Adhesive.
Developed for high strength bonding of any combination of dense non-porous ceramics, glass and or non-reactive metals.
Resbond 903HP is a smooth, creamy paste that can be brushed, troweled or sprayed on.
Just re-mix and apply.
Handling strength is obtained, after an initial cure at 250ºF. A complete cure occurs in 1 hour at 600-700ºF.
Resbond 903HP is usable to 3250ºF continuously.
It has excellent resistant to liquid metals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, most chemicals and solvents.
Resbond 903HP has excellent electrical properties.
903HP bonds thermocouples to high alloy steel and withstands repeated thermal cycling from -100ºF to 500ºF.
903HP was easily sprayed onto stainless steel to form a dielectric layer for an industrial heater, used at 1400ºF.