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Electrically Resistant Epoxy Adhesives and Compounds

Duralco 4525


Duralco 4525 is high performance bonding, potting, sealing, repairs castings and jigs.
It is ideal to form protective coatings.
Duralco 4525 cures at room temp. (or in 5 minutes at 250ºF). After cured, 4525 performs high bond strength, high temp. stability, low shrinkage, excellent chemical, electrical and radiation resistance and low moisture absorption.
It maintains its high electrical resistance over long periods of time and has the lowest moisture absorption available  (This application has been approved by UL).

Duralco 4525IP is only changed viscosity  and slightly improved the tensil strength from 4525 formular, as shown on the data table.

Users report:

1. Even in high humidity, it maintains high vale of electrical resistance. So, 4525 is used to apply to seal thermocouples, electric heaters and critical electronic components for use in high humidity environments. Tests show less than 10% of the moisture transmission of silicones.

2. Proven in instrumentation applications,
4525is commonly used for installation of thermocouples, fabrication of end seals and flow measuring instruments, pressure strain gauges.

3. 4525 performs excellent corrosion resistance. Used to repair glass lined tanks for use in 36% Hydrochloric, 29% Phosphoric, 65% Sulfuric and 70% Nitric Acids, 25% Caustic, 30% Chrome Oxide solutions. In this application competitive epoxies disintegrated in less than 24 hours.

4. Bonds Carbon to Steel and Remains in use for 5 years. Used to bond carbon blocks to steel for bearings in a rotating kiln at 300°F. Bonds brake pads.

5. Fast Cures. Independent tests have shown 95% cure in 15 minutes at 200ºF and 100% cure in 5 minutes at 250ºF, enabling high speed production applications.

 Technical Data


Duralco 4460 - Resist Electricity, Radiation, Chemicals and Moistures.
No volatiles. Low odor. No VOC's

Duralco 4460 is a Low Viscosity superior adhesive coating material. It is formulated with polymer system wihch forms a protective coating performing highly resistant to chemicals, electricity and moistures, in high temp. upto 315°c.
It is 100% solid system and very low shrinkage.

Duralco 4460 can forms ultra thin bond lines and is ideal for impregnating, coating and encapsulating.

This Unique Polymer System can be used up to 600°F after a heat cure at moderate temperatures(4hrs at .120

Users Report :

1) 4460 is making Thin but strong Bond Lines. Transducers are bonded with 0.0005" of Duralco 4460 provided strengths of 2000 psi at 400ºF.
2) 4460 is good to impregnate into fine structures

 It is used to impregnate composite cloths to form custom high temperature, high strength wave guides.
 It penetrates tightly wound wire coils for electronic high temperature applications.
Successfully encapsulates induction coils of high temperature pressure sensors.
Seals and protect cables end seals against corrosion and high heat. 

Applications of 4460 Includes bonding, sealing, encapsulating and protecting cable end seals, thermocouples, strain gauges, critical electronic components, electric heaters, flow meters, glass lined tanks, etc. Duralco 4460 is Commonly found in aerospace, electronic, appliance, instrumentation and equipment applications.


Duralco 4461 : 260°c.

Ultra thin bond lines/Sealing porous materials
Impregnate fine structures/Forms protective coating

Duralco Low Viscosity Adhesives are formulated with Cotronics' unique polymer system to provide the ultimate in high temperature chemical, electrical and moisture resistance. They are user friendly, 100% solid formulations. No volatiles.
No VOC's
. No harsh odors.

Duralco 4461 is a free flowing, liquid adhesive it has excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. and ideal to forming ultra thin bond lines, coatings, impregnating and encapsulating applications.

Duralco 4461 is cured at room temperature and resists chemical, solvent and corrosion up to 260°c.
It is an ideal choice for high temperature applications in electronics, optics, instrumentation, to get protective coating for coils, filament windings, electronic parts, etc.




Duralco 4461 Users Report:
-Fiber Optic Cables consisting of 3,000 glass strands were encapsulated, and bonded with 4461 in a 1/8" stainless steel tube. The low viscosity of 4461 enabled  full penetration in and around the fiber strands. 4461 Bonds optical components and protects them from moisture absorption and transmission. Also, 4461 Pots a transformer for high temperature service.4461-2.jpg4461-1.jpg

Duralco 4538 : -73°c to + 232°c 
Super flexible epoxy

This completely variable system can be tailored to meet any application requirement just by varying the mix ratio of resin to hardener resulting in the exact degree of flexibility required for any application.

Now, unlike ever before, there is a solution for applications requiring the ultimate in thermal shock and vibration resistance, sound absorption and excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates.

Duralco 4538 offers the flexibility of silicones and the chemical stability of epoxies. Adheres to most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, rubber and even Teflon (treated). Duralco 4538 offers excellent chemical resistance and high bond and peel strength.

This completely variable system can be tailored to meet any application requirement just by varying the mix ratio of resin to hardener resulting in the exact degree of flexibility required for any application.

It's easy to use. Just dispense resin and hardener, mix to a uniform color and apply. Cures at room temp. for use from  -73°c to + 232°c  and will not soften or gum up at high temperatures.

It is ideal for all electric and electronics applications and can be used with most common chemicals and solvents.

Users Report:
Bonds: ZytelTM101, VictrexTM, Poly-Phenylsulfone, Nylon, Poly-Carbonates, Phenolics and other difficult materials. Successfully bonds a Teflon housing to a Ceramic Bushing, Ceramic magnets to a plastics holder.

Thermal Shock Resistance: Withstands repeated thermal cycling from  -73°c  to  +149°c

Seals: Bonded and sealed a 4 inch diameter glass sight port to a brass housing for use from -73°c  to  +149°c

Encapsulates: Stress free potting of delicate electronic assemblies for severe thermal shock environments.

High Peel Strength:
Adheres to Teflon (treated) and other hard to bond plastics.

Duralco 4538's convenient room temperature cure and superior high temperature performance makes it easy to use in any prototype or production application.



Resist Vibration and sound absorption


Potting components

So flexible. you can tie a knot

Duralco 4463

Low Expansion Adhesive & Potting 500ºF  

Duralco 4463 is a low expansion, 500ºF, room temperature curing adhesive and potting compound.
4463 offers strength, high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance and low shrinkage.
Bonds to most glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, etc. Use this unique  Low expansion is a must in many electronic, optical and fiber optic applications for high performance bonding and encapsulation.



Duralco 4462 - Clear Epoxy

Duralco 4462 was developed to extend the performance of Cotronics' unique polymer system and provide users with a new Water White, Crystal Clear, Low Viscosity Epoxy that is easily cured at room temp. to provide 400ºF service.

Duralco 4462 is comparable to acrylic plastics and will transmit over 90% of light in the visible spectrum. 

Some reduction in light transmission may occur with use over 300ºF.
Ideal for bonding, encapsulating, impregnating and coating with excellent chemical, solvent, moisture and electrical resistance.
optics, electronics, fiber optics, instrumentation, R & D, appliances, etc.

Now, Invisible Bonds are readily obtained for applications in optics, displays, instruments, jewelry, etc.



Duralco 4700

Bonds, Repairs, Pots, Seals and Protects
Duralco 4700 is exceptionally durable epoxy for use to 600ºF. It is a superior adhesive that has high electrical resistance, low moisture absorption, high temperature stability, high bond strength, low shrinkage and excellent chemical, solvent and radiation resistance.

User friendly. No volatiles. No solvents. No out gassing. Simply mix the liquid resin and liquid hardener and follow with a heat cure at 250ºF (minimum).


Duralco 4700 has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, most plastics, etc. Duralco 4700 is ideal for sealing electrical connections and is commonly used for high performance bonding, potting and repairing applications in electrical, electronic, automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, production and laboratory applications.


Duralco 4703
650ºF Adhesive and Tooling Compound

Duralco 4703 is a composite of Cotronics' unique high temperature resins, metallic and ceramic particles. It offers the ultimate stability and strength in high temperature environments.

Duralco 4703 has excellent resistance to most chemicals, solvents, acids and bases and is easily machined to close tolerances.

Applications include repairing and rebuilding worn or cracked composites, dies, fixtures, jigs, etc.

Users Report:

 - Bond strengths over 3,000 psi are obtained at room temp. and 1,200 psi at 500ºF.
 - retains over 85% of its tensile bond strength after 1,000 hours of service at 500ºF.
 - 4703 seals high performance thermocouples for use in high temperature corrosive environments.

Duralco 4703 is ideal for use as a high temp. adhesive for bonding, potting, injection molding, matched dies, vacuum forming dies, extrusion dies and tooling.



4700 Users Report:
 - seals and protects electrical feed thrus against high heat and moisture.
 - successfully repaired cracks in pipes carrying hot oil at 250ºC and at 1000 psi.
 - seals thermocouples, electrical heaters, cables, etc.
 - installs thermocouples, strain gauges and flow measuring instruments, etc. 




Duralco 4701

One Component, 600ºF Adhesive and Casting Compound.

* Excellent Electrical Resistance
* Low Moisture Absorption
* High Bond Strength and High Temperature Stability
* Excellent Chemical and Radiation Resistance

No Mixing. No Mess. Saves time and money.
User friendly ! No volatiles. No solvents. No outgassing.
Just apply and heat cure.
Has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics.

Offers high electrical resistance, low moisture absorption, high temperature stability, high bond strength, low shrinkage and excellent chemical, solvent and radiation resistance.

Users Report:

4701 seals and protects electrical feed thrus against high heat and moisture.

Duralco 4701 is ideal for sealing electrical connections, high performance bonding, potting and repairing in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, production and laboratory applications.

Applications Include: sealing thermocouples, electrical heaters, installation of thermocouples, strain gauges and flow measuring instruments, etc.


Adhesion Promoters - Solvents - Thinners - Mold Release


105RF Improves the bond strength, thermal shock resistance, and impact strength of cured epoxies.
105RF may be added to any of Cotronics' epoxies or epoxy based potting compounds to increase the adhesion of the cured system.
Add up to 30% by weight to the pre-mixed resin and hardener.

Note: the use of a high concentration of flexibilizer may reduce the maximum temperature capacity of the epoxy system.


105RT Resbond thinner reduce viscosity and improve flow characteristics that are required for special applications.
These reactive, low viscosity liquids may be added directly to epoxy based adhesives and potting compounds in amounts that vary from 3% to 20% by weight.

Note: A reduction in the maximum temp. capability of the epoxy system is to be expected with large additions of Resbond Thinners.


105RS Solvent makes clean up for uncured epoxies, resins and hardeners quick and safe. A high purity cleaner for a wide range of stubborn contaminants.
Resbond moderately fast drying allows a soak time to dissolve release agent, ejector pin greases and oily contaminants.
No harsh odors. Does not contains aromatics, chlorinated solvents, caustics, etc.

Will not irritate users.
Convenient spray can.


105RP Resbond Surface preparation and cleaner safely removes greases, oils, etc. with a completely bio-degradable and environmentally safe solvent.
Special additives act as adhesion promoters to prepare the surface for improved bond strength.

It is ideal for bonding applications with difficult to clean surfaces.


Accurately dispenses into hard to reach areas. Select from syringes, caulking cartridges or dropper bottles.
Makes quick work out of difficult and messy jobs. Use for all of your dispensing applications.

Just fill, use and discard.