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Electrically Resistant Adhesives for Special Application

Duralco NM25  Magnet Bonding Adhesive 

Duralco NM25 is a adhesive proven for bonding magnets while withstanding the high temperatures encountered in high performance applications.
It is free of magnetic particles or conductive fillers which would interfere with magnetic fields while in use.Just mix and apply.
NM25 cures at room temperature to provide excellent chemical, solvent and moisture resistance. Will form thin bond lines and is ideal for use in applications with minimum clearance. 

NM25 has a medium viscosity and can form thin bond lines.
NM25 HV is a non-sag, putty.
NM25 HT can be used up to 600ºF after a moderate heat cure.

NM25 has a medium viscosity and can form thin bond lines.
NM25 HV is a non-sag, putty.
NM25 HT can be used up to 600ºF after a moderate heat cure.

Duralco 4400 : 400ºF

Transmits Heat - Electrically Resistant

Use Duralco 4400 for high strength, thermally conductive and electrically resistant bonds.Cures at room temperature without any objectionable odors.
Duralco 4400 provides the thermal shock resistance and flexibility required to accommodate differences in thermal expansion which occurs during high heat flows.
Users Report:
A "glass feed thru" was bonded to a brass housing and
repeatedly cycled from liquid Nitrogen temperatures to 250ºF, while maintaining its vacuum integrity.
Duralco 4400's unique combination of bond strength, flexibility and thermal conductivity proved to be successful in this severe environment.
Note  A4400 This adhesive can be stiffened at the bottom of the opening, and you can heated to 55~60ºC, It will be diluted again.


Bond-IT 007       Quick Set Superbonder

No measuring. No mess. Just mix equal parts of resin and hardener and apply. Hardening starts in just 5 minutes. Bond strengths measuring 3,000 psi are reached in just a few hours.
Bond-It 007 has excellent adhesion to most metals, ceramics, glass, plastics, composites, etc.

Users Report
Bond-It 007 repairs a heater assembly in a chemical plant eliminating any downtime. The assembly operated successfully at 300 ºF.
Application Include
bonding ceramics to metals, brake pads to metals, assembling and repairing machines, etc.
Bond IT 007 is the best adhesive for attaching thermocouples, strain gages, instruments and other difficult assemblies.












The following technical Data is only for refference.
Material selection is reponsible with user's  own decision.

Nylon bonder - Sterilizable - Low expansion - Superbonder

BOND-IT 7050
Super Nylon Bonder

Bond-IT 7050 is an activated epoxy that incorporates adhesion promoters right into the epoxy's backbone structure permanently improving the epoxy's adhesion and bond strength.

Adheres to most plastic surfaces producing bonds that are, in many cases, stronger than the plastic substrates themselves.

Bonds combinations of dissimilar materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, etc, and cures at room temperature.



Resbond S5H13 - Hot Sterilizable

Resbond S5H13 is a unique epoxy to bond and insulate stainless steel, metals, glass and ceramic components to assemble to use upto 500ºF. after cure at that  room temperature. It is specially formulated for various medical applications. It is resist the severe conditions of repeated hot sterilization and resistant to most common chemicals and solvents.

Users Report:
It seals Bi-Polar, Electro-Cauterizers and withstands thousands of successful sterilization cycles at 200°c.
S5H13 is commonly used for high performance bonding, assembling, potting, sealing, coatings and repairs in instruments, devices, equipment, etc.


Duralco 4463

Duralco 4463 is a low expansion adhesive and potting compound. It is good to use 260°c

Bonds to most glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, ideal to bonding and encapsulation.

Low expansion is essential in many electronic, optical and fiberoptic applications.
4463 provides bond strength, thermal stability, less thermal shrinkage,and, resists thermal shock and chemicals.


Users Report:
Bond-IT 7050 bonds nylon to aluminum housings with the bond strength required for a high performance lighting fixture.
Bond-IT is packaged in easy to use dispenser kits making it ideal to have in any shop, lab or production facility.




Duralco 4535   Vibration Resistant

Duralco 4535 Vibration Proof, Structural Adhesive was specially designed for applications requiring high bond, peel and impact strength. Usable from -70ºF to 450ºF. Bonds dissimilar materials like glass to metals, ceramics to metals, plastics to metals and difficult to bond plastics, etc.

Duralco 4535 is resistant to chemicals, solvents and thermal shock. It is flexible, has low shrinkage and excellent electrical properties. Just mix equal parts of resin and hardener and apply. Duralco 4535 will cure at room temperature to provide good handling strength overnight.

Applications Include
High per formance bonding in appliances, aerospace, automotive, electronics, chemical processing equipment, instrumentation, motors, research and development, etc. New Convenient easy to use "Hand Held Double Barrel" Applicator Syringes. Just Dispense, mix and apply.

User Report
4535 was successfully used to bond a phenolic, polyester, and graphite composite structure to steel for use to 400ºF. ! Bonds Magnetic blocks to form the poles in a "U"-shaped configuration prior to powder coating at 400ºF.