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 Silicone Putties, Sealant and Casting Compounds

Duraseal Non-Sag Putties

One component formulations. No mixing, measuring or mess. No harsh or acidic odors. Bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. No special activators or primers. Will not corrode metal surfaces. Resistant to electricity, most chemicals and solvents. Safe for the most delicate electronic components.

Duraseal 1531 - Continuous use to 650°F

Seals pipes, flanges, stacks and high temp. equipment. No special surface pre-treatments are necessary. Adheres to most metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. Fills in voids, forms flexible gaskets and repairs. Provides a long lasting flexible seal, use from - 80ºF to 650ºF.

Applications include: high temperature sealing, gasket forming, vibration isolation, etc.

Users Report:
Cotronics' designed custom packages of Duraseal 1531 to be used with field installation kits. The specially sized tubes saved suppliers time and money while providingtheir customers a simple method to assemble parts.

Duraseal 1532 - Continuous use to 500°F

A clear thin putty with excellent spreadability.
Excellent electrical insulation properties allow for a host of applications in cables splicing, electrical isolation, repair, potting, etc.
Ideal for use as high temperature adhesive, electronic, waterproofing, sealing, impregnating, coating or vibration dampening application.

Users Report:

Duraseal+ 1532 provides high dielectric insulation and moisture proofs cable splices in field assembly joints.  A thin, clear layer of Duraseal 1532 moisture-proofs porous ceramics, improving the electrical resistance and providing use up to 500ºF.

Duraseal 1533 - 5 Minute Casting Compound

New, unique Duraseal 1533 flows into the finest cracks and crevices to form stress free bonds, coatings and encapsulations. Easy to use 1 to 1 mix ratio. Just mix and pour. No need for difficult degassing procedures. Duraseal 1533 will cure in 5-15 minutes at room temp.
1533 can be used from -70 to +550ºF and offers flexibility, excellent mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals, solvents and moisture.
Meets stringent UL 94V-0 flame retardant requirements.


Applications include: producing finely detailed molds, encapsulating electronic components, forming flexible parts and stress free potting.

Silicone Sealants

Duraseal High Temp. Sealants are ideal choice for waterproofing, sealing, impregnating and coating in any high temperature application. Duraseal High Temperature sealants are based on organicinorganic formulations and can be used up to 1800ºF.
DURASEAL+ will increase dielectric properties, moisture proof and seal ceramics, thermocouples, cartridge heaters, end seals, etc.
Commonly used for waterproofing Cotronics' ceramic fiber products, high temp. gaskets, sleeving and tapes.


600-800ºF - Duraseal+ 1529 and 1529H

Low viscosity liquid sealants that will readily penetrate porous surfaces and cure at 350ºF.

900ºF - Duraseal+ 1529 FS

A Low odor and VOC. formulation, medium viscosity sealant and coating for porous surfaces. Usable up to 900ºF.

1800ºF - Duraseal+ 1529 UHT

Now, for the first time, a silicone is combined with glass and a unique synergistic reaction forms a composite that will moisture-proof from room temperature to 1800ºF.
Duraseal 1529 UHT dries at 250ºF and glazes at 1200ºF - 1400ºF forming a surface for higher temperature applications.