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1200ºF - Duralco 201 - Liquid Aluminum Coating

Duralco 201 is a new, water based coating filled with ultra fine aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance. Duralco 201 has excellent resistance to high humidity and saline atmospheres, fuel gas exhaust, corrosive environments and organic solvents. Its easy to use. Just apply and cure.
Applications Include: protecting stacks, mufflers, boilers, jet engines, heat exchanges, chemical processing equipment, outdoor electrical equipment and other assemblies.

2500ºF - Duralco 215 - Impregnate and Coating

Duralco 215 has ultra fine, ceramic particles that will impregnate even into pre-wound electric windings. It is readily applied by brushing, dipping, coating and air dries to provide excellent electrical, chemical and solvent resistance.
Applications Include:  coating and impregnating high temp. coils, motors, transformers, resistors, heating elements, etc.

1500ºF - Duralco 230N - Liquid Stainless Coating

Duralco 230N Liquid Stainless is formulated from specially processed, stainless steel platelets and Ceramic binders creating a safe, water based system. It is applied to clean surfaces by brushing, spraying or dipping. Air drying or mild heat will provide corrosion resistance to 1300ºF -1500ºF
Users Report:  Parts coated with Duralco 230N passed 2000 hour tests and thousands of thermal cycles tests to 1300ºF.

1800ºF - Duralco 254 - Porcelain Like Stainless coating

Duralco 254 is a unique, silicone bonded, porcelain like, highly protective, Stainless Steel, Composite Coating. Just apply and dry at room temp. Post cure at approximately 1100ºF to 1400ºF. Duralco 254 offers service up to 1800ºF and is ideal for providing protection for all types of metallic surfaces.
Applications Include: corrosion protection for burners, heating elements, exhaust stacks, equipment, etc.



1200ºF - Duralco 6105SP Stainless Spray Coating

Now the corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel in an easy to use, spray paint form.
Cotronics' unique room temperature curing, high temperature, resin system is combined with type 316L stainless steel flakes.
When sprayed, it forms a continuous layer of stainless steel to protect the underlying metallic surfaces. Cures at room temp. and protects up to 1200ºF.
Resistant to most chemicals and solvents.
Ideal for coating high temp. equipment, pipes, stacks, boilers, furnaces.
Packaged in convenient 7 oz. spray cans.
Coverage is approximately 30 ft.2 / can.

1000ºF - Duralco 201SP  Aluminum Spray Coating

Duralco 201SP combines the corrosion resistance of Aluminum with the high temperature protection of Cotronics' specialty silicone binders to form a 1000ºF protective coating.
Easy to use. Just shake, spray and dry.
Duralco 201SP cures at room temperature to form an protective coating with excellent chemical, corrosion, solvent and high temperature resistance.
Duralco 201SP fights corrosion to 1000ºF.
It is ideal for coating high temperature equipment, pipes, stacks, boilers, heat exchanges, furnaces, etc.
Available in convenient to use 12 oz. spray cans. Just one can covers up to 30 square feet of metal.

Rescor 112 Boron Nitride Spray
Coating and Lubricant

Boron Nitride has excellent electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity and is a superior high temp. lubricant. It is inert to most molten metals, glasses and salts.
This unique combination makes for an ideal high temp. lubricant, mold release and electrically resistant coating.
Use continuously to 1500ºF in air and to 3600ºF in inert atmospheres.
Now available in a convenient and fast drying (Non Ozone Depleting) spray formulation.

Applications Include  mold release, lubricant, barrier layer and as an antisplatter compound in the metals, plastics, glass, composites and ceramic industries.