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Mold Making Material



Replicast 101 produce highly detailed, precision molds at low cost by simple mix and pour process. It is non-toxic and virtually odor free.
No more vacuum degassing, Just mix and pour.

Replicast 101 cures at room temperature.
Forms flexible, durable molds with high tear strength, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and excellent mold life.
Ideal for mold making, tooling, components, coatings, seals, gaskets, tools, shock resistant parts, rollers, etc.
Use Replicast 101 with all of  Ceramic and Epoxy Materials, Gypsum, Urethane, and Polyester Resins.

Just Mix, Pour and Cure at Room Temp.
No Vacuum Degassing Required

Replicast 101-1 : 1 Gallon kit

Molds lasted for thousands of cycles when used to cast an intricate High Alumina welding and positioning fixture.  ! Soft Rubber like parts and forms were easily cast to replace custom molded parts, eliminating costly time delays.

Replacast 101 MR mold release is a non-greasy, non oily, film forming compound that can be used to 550ºF.
Just spray on a lite coat. Dries in minutes.
A super thin coating of 0.001 inch is all that is required even for the most demanding applications.
This ultra thin film allows for exceptional accuracy including the finest details of your parts.
Replicast 101 MR dries quickly for production.
Use with most Epoxies, Urethane, Ceramics and Heat Curing Systems.
101 MR should be used when casting molds with Replicast 101 Liquid Rubber insuring the finest details.
Replicast 102 MR is a smooth creamy paste for use with ceramics. Just wipe on a thin layer. Ideal for large castings.
Replicast 103 MR is specially designed for use when casting ceramics. Creates a smooth surface in the final ceramic parts. Not for use with Epoxies.

Replicast 101MR: 12oz. Can Mold Release
Replicast 102MR: Pint, Mold release Grease
Replicast 103MR: Mold Release 16oz. spray


Rescor 740 Liquid Foam forms lightweight, high strength, machinable, thermally and electrically insulating parts usable to 2300ºF.
Easy to use "in House" process. Just mix the ceramic powder with its liquid activator and pour into non- absorbent molds. Hardens overnight to produce high strength, insulating prototypes and parts.
Can be used up to 2300ºF with high temp. structural stability and excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Resistant to molten non-ferrous metals, steam most chemicals and solvents. Suitable for near net shape processing which involves casting a ceramic blank into a shape that requires minimal or no machining to final shapes.
Post curing Rescor 740 improves its machinability.
Applications include high temp.
thermal and electrical insulators, heating element supports, hot pressing dies, processing boats, heat shields, fixtures, induction heating, etc.
Crucible supports, cast with Rescor 740, are used for glass melting furnaces replaced expensive custom made parts.
Rescor 740 is used for pre-heater crucible liners in furnaces operating to temperatures as high as 1200ºC.



Rescor Castable Ceramics are also available in Shock Resistant Liquid Silica, Ultra-Temp. Liquid Zirconia Oxide, Thermally Conductive Silicon Carbide and  High Purity Liquid Alumina.  

Rescor Castable Ceramics are available in 6 refractory compositions offering the ultimate selection of ceramics to the materials engineer. Select from: Fused Silica, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Alumina and Low density Ceramic Foam. Just mix the ceramic powders with their liquid activators and pour into any non-absorbent molds.
Rescor Castable Ceramics harden overnight to produce highly detailed ceramics, usable to 4000 ºF.
They offer excellent resistance to high temperature, thermal shock, molten metals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, erosion, most acids and alkalies.

General Applications
Electronics, thin film processing, coating, lighting, etc.
Encapsulating, potting materials, resistors, wire winding forms, special applications, etc.
Furnace parts, insulators, stand offs, burners, coil forms, ignitions, feed thrus, etc.
Welding, soldering, brazing, etc.
Processing, hot forming, glassing, sintering, etc.
Welding nozzles, fixtures, jigs, etc.
High temperature chemical reactors, furnace lining, corrosive atmospheres liners, cyclones, regenerators, incinerators, etc.
Melting crucibles, nozzles, funnels, permanent casting molds, casting inserts, etc.


Rescor 740 was used to cast cylindrical rings, 24" dia. x 2.5" high. They were machined to form precision thermally and electrical insulating rings for a casting furnace.
Rescor 750 easily cast 2000 pound molds measuring 6 feet in length to be used for forming and curing composite materials.
Rescor 780 moldings were used for quick tooling when casting White Metal bumper parts for automotive applications. Standard tooling would have delayed product introduction by many months.
Rescor Castable Ceramics will satisfy many advanced requirements. They are ideal for "in house" fabrication of high strength parts and prototypes.

Ceramic Hardener and Ridgidizer

Rescor 901A is a clear liquid which penetrates into the surface of porous ceramics to form a strong ceramic bond and harden the surface.
No organics. No solvents.
Just brush on and let dry.
Use 901A to prime surfaces before bonding and extend the life and wear resistance of insulation materials.
Can be applied directly to transite, marinate, calcium silicate, rock wool, mineral wool and ceramic fiber insulation.
Hardens and extends the life and wear resistance of all porous ceramics.
Melting point is 3200ºF.
Density is 10 pounds/gallon.
Clean tools or containers with water.