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 For Electronic and Industrial Applications 

Duralco 120 Epoxy Adhesive Forms Super Electrically Conductive Bonds for continuous use from - 50 to + 500ºF. This epoxy contains over 70% Ultra Fine Active Silver providing the ultimate in electrical conductivity. Resistance measurements of 0.00008 ohm-cm has been reported in many independent tests. Duralco 120 has excellent adhesion to copper, steel, stainless, aluminum, lead, glass, ceramics, plastics and dissimilar materials. Cures at room temperature or mild heat to offer superior resistance to moisture, most chemicals and solvents.
Duralco 120 is commonly used in place of solder for electrically conductive bonds, bonding heat sensitive components, etc. Using Duralco 120 instead of solder avoids exposing parts to soldering temperatures, flux contamination in addition to simplifying lab or production processing of parts.

Application include 
- bonding circuits, solder replacement, bonding semi-conductors, EMI shielding, thermistors, wire tacking, heating elements, assembling electronics, etc.
User Report

Duralco 120 was used for an application at 200ºC for over 12 months with no degradation in electrical conductivity.
Duralco 120 successfully bonded bus bars and carried a current of 2400 amps for a short term test..
Duralco 120 bonds sputtering targets to copper based plates and provides 100ºC continuous service.
Duralco 120 is the ideal choice for high power, high temperature, electronic or industrial application requiring high electrical conductivity.

Duralco 122  Nickel filled
This Nickel filled adhesive and casting epoxy was specially formulated to provide an economical alternative to silver filled, electrically conductive epoxies. Duralco 122 is low in cost and highly conductive. It is ideal for use in applications where the upmost in electrical conductivity is not required. 

DuralcoTMConductive adhesives and potting compounds provide the conductivity required for many high temp. electronic and industrial applications. These Ultra Temp. Adhesives combine Cotronics' unique resins and hardeners with specialty conductive fillers to provide continuous service up to 650ºF. They will bond to glass, ceramics, metals and plastics and offer excellent resistance to most chemicals and solvents. Applications Include: Solder replacement, semi-conductor bonding, shielding, electronics, circuit board repair, etc. Can be used to 500°F.

Duralco 124  Silver filled
A two component, silver filled adhesive for High Power applications Just mix and cure with mild heat. Can be used up to 650°F. Users report: Duralco 124 provided a conductive bond for over 6 months at 650°F.

Duralco 125  Flexible Conductive Silver Based
Easy to use, "one to one", applicator kit. Just dispense, mix and apply this smooth creamy paste and cure at room temp. Bonds to most metals, ceramics, and plastics to form stress free, electrically conductive bonds.

Duralco 126  One Component, Silver Filled
A one component, highly conductive epoxy specifically designed for production applications. No mixing. no mess. Just dispense and heat cure. Commonly used in automatic dispensing equipment.

Duralco 127  Graphite Based Dispenser Kit
Easy to use, "one to one", applicator kit. Just dispense, mix and apply. This smooth creamy paste cures at room temp. and is ideal for low cost production applications. Can be used in automatic dispensing equipment.

The following technical data is only for refference. Please test first if it is good to your purpose.