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High Temp, Encapsulating and Embedding Materials

Durapot 801 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic

Durapot 801 is a specially formulated, room temperature curing, 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic that offers the ultimate properties of pure Alumina.
No binders to contaminate even the most delicate systems.
Offers high electrical resistance even at high temperatures.
This unique 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic finds uses in many electrical and metallurgical applications.


Durapot 804 and 805 96% Pure Alumina Ceramic

Durapot 804 and 805 were formulated to provide a high strength, low cost Alumina potting and casting material. Electrical and metallurgical properties are excellent. Simply mix, pour and cure at room temperature.


Durapot 809 Electrically Resistant Cement

The best, general purpose ceramic potting compound. Durapot 809 is a 2800ºF, highly electrically resistant ceramic. Use for potting, sealing and bonding. Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature.
Use in ignitions, heating coils, electronics and many production applications.


Durapot 810 Thermally Conductive and Electrically Resistant Cement 

810 is a 3000ºF, highly thermal conductive, electrically resistant Alumina based, potting compound and adhesive that was developed to provide excellent electrical resistance at high temperatures and improved thermal conductivity for high power applications. Choose regular grade for maximum thermal conductivity or extra fine for small parts. 


Durapot 814 High Speed Potting Cement 

Durapot 814 was formulated for use where a fast cure is required. Just mix and apply. Will cure in 5 minutes at 175ºF - 225ºF or overnight at room temperature. It is an excellent choice for production applications. 


Durapot 820 Electrically Resistant Coating 

A one component paint and coating. Just brush on and air dry to form a highly resistant, 3200ºF coating containing over 85% Alumina. Use to coat wires, coils etc. 


Durapot 821 Low Expansion Cement 

Durapot 821 is a Quartz based, fast curing adhesive and potting compound. The perfect material for bonding and potting Quartz Lamps, Glassware, Fiber Cables or any low expansion material.



High Performance Casting, Embedding and Encapsulating Compounds for Electronic Applications

Durapot 861 Low Viscosity Impregnant

A 100% reactive compound for use to 500ºF. 861's low viscosity will provide excellent penetration even into tightly wound coils. Just mix and cure at room temp. and has excellent electrical, moisture and chemical resistance. Available in flame retardant grades.

Durapot 862 High Temp. Low Viscosity

A 100% reactive compound for use to 600ºF. 862's low viscosity provides excellent penetration. Usable to temperatures in the 600ºF range. 862 cures at 250ºF and has excellent electrical, moisture and chemical resistance.

Durapot 863 Ultra High Temp Potting

Durapot 863 is based on Cotronics¡¯ unique, Cross-Linked, Inorganic-Organic Polymer, System. Offers excellent dielectric properties, heat stability, moisture and solvent resistance.
Usable to temperatures in the 600ºF range after curing at 250ºF

Durapot 864 Flexible, Cures at Room Temp.

Provides the flexibility required for severe thermal shock applications. Will bond to dissimilar materials, treated TEFLON¢â and other difficult to bond plastics and offers up to 450ºF continuous service. Users Report the ability to impregnate and bond thousands of small diameter, fiber optical strands for use at 500ºF.
Ideal for stress free embedding, impregnating and encapsulation. Available in flame retardant grades.

Durapot 865 High Thermal Conductivity

For applications requiring high heat flows and rapid thermal dissipation. Just mix, apply and cure at room temp. Usable to 500ºF. Used for thermally conductive, casting, embedding, impregnating and encapsulation.

Durapot 866 Thermally Insulating

A 500ºF epoxy based, thermally and electrically insulating compound. Convenient two part, room temperature curing system. Forms a low density, non porous foam for high temperature applications that require these unusual combinations of properties. Available in flame retardant grades.

Durapot 868 Hi-Temperature Flexible

Now, a high temp. flexible epoxy ideal for thermal shock applications, stress free potting and bonding. Durapot 868 offers high electrical resistance, even at high temperatures, and can be used up to 500ºF.