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4000ºF Zirconia Adhesive

Resbond 904 extreme temperature adhesive surpasses the capabilities of most materials to provide 4000ºF service.
Resbond 904 is a smooth, creamy paste that is easily applied and air dried to form a hard surface.
Resistant to molten metals, most chemicals and solvents, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.
It is ideal for bonding and forming electrical, oxidation erosion and liquid metal resistant coatings for ceramics, graphite and thermocouple tubes.
Bonded exhaust lines to a Thermogravimetric Analyzer reaction chamber and used at 3400ºF under a vacuum.
! Bonded Silica Cloth to furnace tubes for use at 2600ºF in a Semi-conductor clean room.
Coated Aluminum Metal Panels on a Spacecraft and successfully protected the metal panels from High Intensity X-Ray radiation.
Applications Include: welding, brazing, bonding, electrical seals, thermocouple protection, instruments, high temp. facing for brick, electrical potting, liquid metal handling, etc.

5400ºF - 931 Graphite Adhesive
99% Pure Graphite

Resbond 931 bonds Graphite or carbon components for use to 3000ºC with 99% pure graphite. Just apply and cure at 250ºF.
931 has excellent adhesion to graphite, and other porous surfaces, forming graphite to graphite bonds with strengths measuring in excess of 2500 psi.
It is electrically conductive and resistant to reducing atmospheres, most chemicals and solvents.
Resbond 931 is ideal for repairing broken or cracked graphite trays, components, fixtures, dies; filling and rebuilding crevices, cracks, worn areas and bonding graphite cloths, felts, boards, etc.

Resbond 931 repaired a 20" dia. x 24" high, cracked, induction heating susceptor. The susceptor heated uniformly after the repair. Resbond 931 Graphite adhesive doubled the life of this expensive part.

2500ºF Ceramic Bonded Graphite 931C

Resbond 931C has excellent adhesion to graphite, metals, glass, ceramics and non-porous parts. Its easy, just re-mix, apply and let dry. 931C cures at room temp. without heat.

Graphite Sealer

Resbond 931S Sealer can be used to reduce porosity, seal surfaces and increase the wear resistance and durability of graphite parts.

Resbond 931S sealed the porous surface of graphite parts doubling the life of heat treating trays. 931S stopped dusting of graphite fixtures


High Bond Strength, Thermal Shock and Impact Resistance

Durabond Metalic Adhesives and Putties were specially formulated to bond metals, ceramics and dissimilar materials for use to 2000ºF. These metallic composite adhesives overcome the brittle bonds obtained with ceramics and offer some of the ductility and impact resistance associated with soldering and welding. Durabond adhesives can be drilled, tapped, machined, etc. They do not contain Epoxies or Silicones which would limit their use to 600ºF. These composites are inorganically bonded and chemically cured. They are safe and easy to use. No odors. No VOC's. Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature.
Fast Setting Durabond Composites (type FS) are now available. These smooth, creamy, putties are ideal for repairs, patching, casting, potting, etc.

Aluminum Durabond 950 - Usable to 1200ºF

This adhesive was developed for high strength and high temp. bonding. Its easy to apply and cures at low temp. Use with steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.
Its easily machinable. Can be ground, sanded or polished.


Nickel Durabond 952 - Usable to 2000ºF

952 was specially formulated to be a low expansion, metallic adhesive for bonding 400 series Stainless Steel, low expansion high temp. alloys, metals and ceramics, etc.

Stainless Steel Durabond 954 - Usable to 2000ºF

954 is a high expansion adhesive for high temp. bonding of 300 series Stainless, high expansion metals, ceramics, etc.


New Stainless Steel, Sealing Adhesive - Usable to 2000ºF

954OD  bonds and seals high expansion materials. Ideal for applications requiring the minimum porosity from a ceramic adhesive. Commonly used to prevent leaks from equipment.

Epox-Eez RK 454 500ºF
Machinable Aluminum Putty

Just dispense, mix and apply. This smooth, creamy putty cures at room temp. to form a highly machinable, aluminum based composite. Usable to 500°F.
RK454 offers excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance. The comparative strength at elevated temperatures is shown on the adjacent graph.
Epox Eez RK454 is ideal for patching leaky pipes, valves and fittings; repairing pumps, machinery and equipment; and rebuilding worn shafts, housings and linings.
Used to fill holes prior to powder coating.
It is commonly used in appliances, automotive, electronic, instrumentation, motors, chemical equipment, etc. A must for every shop and laboratory.

454B bonds brake pads



RK 454 Repair kits 2.5 oz. Resin and 0.6 oz. Hardner, Sandpaper,
mixing sticks, Reinforcement screen
454B-1 1 lb. bulk pack 0.9 lbs. Resin 0.1 lb hardner
454B-2 4 lb. bulk pack 3.5 lbs. Resin 0.5lbs. hardner

Durabond 7025
100% New aluminum putty

Durabond 7025 Corrosion Resistant Putty is specially formulated with active aluminum metal to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion, most chemicals and solvents.
This moist, creamy paste is easily troweled on to form a smooth surface that is ideal for any high temp. repair, rebuilding, production, manufacturing, industrial, automotive or equipment application. Durabond 7025 cures in 24 hours at room temp. or in 2 hours at 250ºF to form a highly machinable, aluminum based composite usable to 1000°F.
Applications Include: Rebuilding worn or eroded areas, repairing cracks and voids; sealing and protecting process equipment, rebuilding worn pumps, impellers, valves, motors, heat exchanges, etc.


RK456 for the corrosion resistance of type 316 stainless steel. Packed in easy to use dispenser kits and in bulk quantities.


Durabond 7032
2000ºF New Stainless Putty

Now, a 2000ºF Stainless Steel putty that will repair high temp. quipment. This smooth, creamy paste is easy to use. Just re-mix and apply. Will not run, drip or sag while applying and hardening starts in just 60 minutes. User Friendly, does not contain flammable solvents. No harsh odors or out-gassing. 7032 has excellent adhesion and is resistant to most chemicals, solvents and high heat.

Durabond 7032 is the ideal choice for any high temperature application requiring high bond strength and up to 2000ºF.

1 lb. Container, 2 lb. Container


Can be machined, tapped or drilled. Ideal for high temperature repairs, rebuilding, filling holes, plugging leaks in automotive, maintenance and industrial applications. Most commonly used for production, automotive parts and repairs, machines assemblies, instrumentation, laboratory equipment, etc.

Duralco R450  
No Galling! No Pitting! No Siezing
R-450 Anti-Seize prevents metal to metal contact and eliminates failures often caused by corrosion, abrasion, strong acids and alkalis. Allows for easy movement and disassembly. Ideal thread lubricant for steel to stainless, brass to steel and dissimilar materials. Use in power plants, chemical facilities, oil refineries, automotive, appliance, aerospace, etc.

Bond-IT 7056AL Machinable Instant Metal

is a unique, super fast, machinable, repair epoxy for 450ºF.  It does not have the odors of a 5 minute repair epoxy and will not give you sticky fingers like cyanoacrylates. This super fast epoxy makes repairs a breeze. No weighing, mixing or mess. Will not run, drip or sag when applied. Just dispense from a hand held, side by side dispenser tube.
7056AL cures in 4-8 minutes, at room temp., without any objectionable or sulphur odors.
Bond-IT has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood and cures to form a hard, durable, machinable epoxy that can be machined, tapped or drilled. 

Applications Include: repairs, rebuilds and assembles parts, components; rebuilds surfaces and even fills gaps or voids.

Duralco 4540
 Liquid Metal

4540 filled with ultra fine aluminum metal powder creating a pourable liquid that easily penetrates fine openings, fills gaps and voids, seals, patches and repairs. Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature for outstanding adhesion, ductility, thermal conductivity and shock resistance.

4540 is machinable and rugged. It is resistant to chemicals and solvents and can be used to 500ºF.
- 4540 was used to cast integrally heated molds for injection molding of plastic parts.
- 4540 formed highly detailed parts with high thermal conductivity, durability and wear resistance.

Applications include: repairing leaks, solder joints, cracks, holes, castings, heating elements, cooling coils, instruments, etc.






Duralco T507 - Teflon paint

T507 forms a non-stick layer of Teflon that is usable up to 500ºF.
It was primarily designed to create non stick, surfaces with exceptional durability due to its composite structure.
Just mix the resin with its hardener and apply. Duralco T507 cures at room temperature and can be used up to 500ºF.
Duralco T507 has excellent resistance to high humidity and saline atmospheres, fuel gas exhaust, corrosive environments, organic solvents and galvanic protection.
It is commonly used on powder chutes, assembly lines, heat release films, reusable mold release, factory equipment, etc.
Ideal for processing equipment, OEM applications, etc.

BOND-IT 7040 "Superbonder"

Bond-IT 7040 is formulated with specialty adhesion promoters and easily forms a bond that have strength up to 5,000 psi. Just mix and apply. Bonds to most metals, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, dissimilar materials etc.

Cures at room temp. to form a high strength bond with excellent chemical resistance.

User Report :
- Bonds ceramic wear tips to aluminum for a high speed textile production application.
- Bonds stainlesssteel brackets to stainless steel housings with tensile shear strengths measuring up to 5,000 psi.

7040 bonds ceramic wear tips to aluminum holders

Application include :
- Bonding ceramics to metals, brake pads to metals, assembling and repairing machines, etc.
Commonly used in automotive, aerospace, equipment or production applications.

Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant

Resbond 907GF Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant is a moist, creamy putty for use from -300ºF to 2350ºF.
It is easily applied from standard caulking cartridges and air dries in 4- 12 hours at room temperature. (Curing may be accelerated with mild heat).
Resbond 907GF has excellent adhesion to clean steel, stainless, iron, most metals, ceramics, ceramic cloths, tapes, gaskets, tadpoles gaskets, etc.
Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, aging, thermal cycling, and electricity.

Bonds - Ceramic tapes, metals, ceramics, glass, assemblies instruments, etc.
Repairs - Exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plant equipment, ceramics, fire bricks, mortar etc.
Assembles - High temperature equipment, brazing fixtures, brazing supports, stacks, etc.
Seals - Exhaust systems, stacks, flues, gaskets, fills surface irregularities, etc.

Users report:
Resbond 907GF seals exhaust ducts against corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.
Resbond 907GF replaces ceramic gaskets and successfully seals pipe joints for use up to 1800ºF.
Resbond 907GF bonds over lapping layers of stainless steel to form air ducts for furnaces that operate at 1200ºF continuously.
Packaged in convenient dispenser tubes and standard caulking cartridges.
Resbond 907GF is ideal for use in any high temperature Assembly, Production, Repair or Maintenance Application.

Fire proof seals, Wear resistance and High expansion adhesive and coating

Thermeez 7030

THERMEEZ 7030 is a High Expansion Adhesive Bonds and Protects to 1800ºF.
Asbestos free and safe to use.
No objectionable odors or harmful fibers.
Just mix to a smooth, creamy paste and apply.
Thermeez will cure in 24 hours at room temperature or in 1 hour at 250 ºF.
It can be applied to most metals, ceramics, door gaskets, tadpole gaskets and ceramic cloths and has excellent adhesion to steel, stainless, aluminum, lead and ceramics.
Thermeez 7030 is fireproof and has resistance to most acids, alkalies, solvents, corrosives and electricity.
Thermeez Hi-Seal will form corrosion and erosion resistant coatings. Just apply and post cure at 600ºF.
Can be applied from a standard caulking cartridge for applications in exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plants, etc.
It is the ideal choice for any hi-temp. application requiring 1800ºF service, pressure tight and fire proof seals, wear resistance and high expansion.
Commonly used in high temperature exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plants, etc.


Thread Lockers

Easy to Use No measuring. No mess. Will not run or drip while applying.
Economical Just one bottle provides up to 2000 applications.
Room Temp. Cures Saves time and money. No costly heat treatments.
High Temp. Stability Will not soften or decompose at elevated temperatures.
High Bond Strength Excellent Adhesion. Seals most metals and ceramic parts.
Electrical Resistance Penetrates fine openings to provide electrical resistance.
Corrosion Resistance Can be used with all conventional chemicals and solvents.

It's easy. No mixing required. Just apply and let dry. Resbond 907 TS cures at room temperature. Forms thermally Stable, electrically insulating, chemically resistant bonds. Packaged in convenient 4 oz. applicator bottles. Will not run off or drip while applying. Ideal for use on set screws, fasteners, bolts, pipes threads. Removable with hand tools (under most conditions).


Duralco 134  is for 500°F thermally conductive grease. It is  non-hardening  and electrically insulating. Duralco 134 is ideal to fill in between components and heat sinks. It is replacing silicone based grease in manufacturing high end digital cameras. Duralco 134 is enabling parts to be easily removed or replaced. It is retained paste like consistency and will not dry out long period of time.

Duralco 135  is a non hardening grease filled with ultra fine aluminum metal powder, and, it provides maximum heat transfer rate. Duralco 135 grease is used to apply to those delicate military applications where excess heat causes serious failures. Also, Duralco 135 is commonly used in many industrial applications where electrical resistance is not critical.

 Material selection is upon user's  own decision and the following technical Data is only for refference.


Thermal Insulation Strips and Wrapping Moldable sheet

375 FT
Thermal Stop

It is high purity aluminum oxide based ceramic fibers uniquely bonded to a 2 mil thick layer of aluminum foil.
This ceramic fibers have a melting point of 3200ºF and will serve up to 2300ºF continuously.
These resilient Ceramic Fiber Strips are used for wrapping pipe duct, expansion joints, and, repairs insulation of equipment, plastic molds, pilot plant, lab units, etc.
For rigidizing, use Resbond 901A . Also, to secure the wrap, use band clamps or type 600 tape.


Wrap-It  Moldable sheets combine a new economical wet felt form made of Cotronics' high purity refractory fibers with proprietary inorganic binders.
Wrap-It is available cut to shape, molded and dried to form a light weight, resilient, highly efficient, thermal insulation. And Wrap-IT is resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Just air dry to form strong free standing shapes. It will not crack or flake,

Wrap-It  has excellent thermal shock resistance and is not wet by molten metals.
Wrap-It moldable sheets are ideal for molten metal handling, thermal insulation, fire proofing, burner chambers, field repair, welding supports, fixtures and molten metal dams.

Wrap-It can be bonded with 7020 Thermeez Ceramic Putty or 901  Resbond Fiber Based Ceramic Adhesive

Applications Include: insulation, furnace linings, mufflers, gas turbines, fans, ovens, chemical reactors, expansion joint packing, fire protection, sound absorption, stress relieving insulation, non-contaminating brazing and sintering separators.

Available sizes: