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Single Component Adhesives

Resbond 989 is a one component high purity, 3000ºF Alumina based, general purpose adhesive.
It has a smooth creamy consistency and cures at room temperature to form strong bonds to ceramics, graphite, metals and glass.
Resbond 989 is resistant to oxidation, electricity, molten metals, most chemicals and solvents.
Easy to use, Just apply and air dry.
Curing may be accelerated with mild heat.
! Bonds Silicon Carbide nozzles into alumina sleeving in a high temperature instrument chamber.
! Bonds Nickel pins, measuring 0.03" dia. into 0.04" holes in an aluminum nitride ceramic. These parts were quenched (from 900ºC) in liquid Nitrogen without failure.
! Bonds Kanthal to Mullite tubes, forming inexpensive custom sized and durable high temp. Heating elements.

Applications Include: bonding alumina, metals, ceramics, graphite, electrical components, adhering thermocouples, heat sensors, and critical electronic components, in appliances, instruments, etc.

989 Fast Set is specially formulated for applications requiring a fast setting, single component, alumina adhesive.
Now, a free flowing formulation that is ideal for use in automatic dispensing equipment. It is precisely dispensed through fine needles with out clogging or mess.
Resbond 989FS cures at room temp. or in 5 minutes at 200ºF.
It is the ideal choice for high speed production applications where automation is required.

The Alumina used to formulate Resbond 989F particle size has been reduced to 600 nms.

Resbond 989F combines this ultra-fine Alumina with special high temperature colloidal ceramic binders to create an adhesive ideal for a new generation of applications.
Resbond 989F can be used in the finest dispensers. No clogs.
No mess. It is an ideal choice for high temp. production applications.
Now, there are no limits to applications requiring a high temperature alumina adhesive and the ability to bond super fine electric components, bundles of fiber optics filaments.



Resbond 903HP is an ultra high temperature, Alumina Adhesive. Developed for high strength bonding of any combination of dense non-porous ceramics, glass and or non-reactive metals.

Resbond 903HP is a smooth, creamy paste that can be brushed, troweled or sprayed on.

Just re-mix and apply.
Handling strength is obtained after an initial cure at 250ºF. A complete cure occurs in 1 hour at 600-700ºF.

Resbond 903HP is usable to 3250ºF continuously.
It has excellent resistant to liquid metals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, most chemicals and solvents.

Resbond 903HP has excellent electrical properties.
903HP bonds thermocouples to high alloy steel and withstands repeated thermal cycling from -100ºF to 500ºF.

903HP was easily sprayed onto stainless steel to form a dielectric layer for an industrial heater, used at 1400ºF.


2300ºF - Ceramic Putty

Thermeez 7020 Ceramic Putty is made from high purity, Aluminum Oxide based, ceramics that have a melting point in excess of 3200ºF.
Thermeez Ceramic Putty is formulated with special ceramic binders that upon drying produce a strong ceramic body. It is the equivalent of Plastic Wood.
Just apply and let dry. Cures in 24 hours at room temperature.
Resistant to molten metals, most chemicals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.
Use for instant repairs to brick, burner blocks, insulation, furnaces holders, thermocouples, etc.

Applications include molding and bonding ceramic fiber components, high temperature insulation, insulation of pipes, supports, burners, turbines, etc.

Repair of cracked or damaged ceramic insulation, liquid metal handling components, brazing fixtures and supports, thermocouples insulation, etc.

2300ºF - Rescor 901

Adhesive and Protective Coating
Bonds, Laminates, Molds and Rigidizes

Rescor 901 Ceramic Fiber Adhesive and Coating is a high purity, Alumina Oxide based, Ceramic Composite that combines the refractory properties of Alumina with ceramic fiber reinforcement.
No organics. No solvents. No VOC's. No out gassing.
Provides excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmoshperes, molten non-ferous metals, steam, most chemicals and solvents.
Packaged in a ready to use, rich, creamy paint form. Just remix and apply.
It is easily applied by brushing, spraying or dipping and cures at room temperature to form a hard surface coating.
Use as an adhesive for bonding porous ceramics, as a coating for flame, oxidation, corrosion and erosion resistance and as a chemical barrier against diffusion and wetting in high temperature processing.


2300ºF - RESBOND 907

All Purpose Fire Proof Adhesive

A Single Component Ceramic Composite based on Mica platelets and proprietary ceramic binders.
Resbond 907, all purpose adhesive offers high bond strength, solvent and electrical resistance.
Safe to use. No objectionable or toxic odors.
Use from -300ºF to +2300ºF.
Resbond 907 was developed to provide a Fire Proof Adhesive for applications in production, development, repair and maintenance.
Just apply directly to clean steel, iron, lead, ceramics, most metals, etc. without any special surface treatment.
Air dries in 24 - 48 hours at room temp. or in 1 hour at 250ºF.

Users Report:! Easy to use Resbond 907, Bonded exhaust tubes in an aerospace application, replacing a difficult to handle, corrosive adhesive with serious environmental problems.

Applications include exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plants, bonding ceramic tapes, etc.


Duralco 4701

One Component, 600ºF Adhesive and Casting Compound.

* Excellent Electrical Resistance
* Low Moisture Absorption
* High Bond Strength and High Temperature Stability
* Excellent Chemical and Radiation Resistance

No Mixing. No Mess. Saves time and money.
User friendly ! No volatiles. No solvents. No outgassing.
Just apply and heat cure.
Has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics.

Offers high electrical resistance, low moisture absorption, high temperature stability, high bond strength, low shrinkage and excellent chemical, solvent and radiation resistance.

Users Report:

4701 seals and protects electrical feed thrus against high heat and moisture.

Duralco 4701 is ideal for sealing electrical connections, high performance bonding, potting and repairing in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, production and laboratory applications.

Applications Include: sealing thermocouples, electrical heaters, installation of thermocouples, strain gauges and flow measuring instruments, etc.


Duralco 4420

It is ceramic filled and offers excellent electrical properties. No measuring, mixing or mess. Just apply and heat cure. (see table for cure cycles.)

Duralco 4420 adheres to Ceramics, glass, metals, plastics, mica, bonding dissimilar materials, etc. and has excellent resistance to solvents, fuels, lubricants and most common chemicals.
Also, 4420 provides low moisture absorption

Durabond 455 is a one component, 100% solids, all purpose structural adhesive.
Filled with ultra fine, active Aluminum, Durabond 455 has the strength required for the most demanding applications.
Packaged in easy to use, 11 oz. dispenser tubes. Just apply and cure. (See table for cure cycles.)
Bonds to most metals, plastics, high performance composites, glass, ceramics, dissimilar materials, etc.
Use this unique system for high bond strength, high temp. stability, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, low shrinkage and machinability.

Applications include: high performance bonding and assembling in appliances, aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, bonding dissimilar materials and eliminating brazing.


Duralco 126  Silver Filled  Electrically Conductive Structural Adhesive

A one component, highly conductive epoxy specifically designed for production applications. No mixing. no mess. Just dispense and heat cure. Commonly used in automatic dispensing equipment. Duralco 126 Conductive Adhesive has the conductivity required for many high temperature electronic and industrial applications.
This one component adhesive combines Cotronics unique resins and hardeners with specialty conductive fillers to provide continuous service up to 450ºF.

Duralco 126 will bond to glass, ceramics, metals and plastics and offer excellent resistance to most chemicals and solvents. Specially designed for production applications and ideal for use in automatic dispensing equipment.

Users Report: Solder replacement, semi-conductor bonding, shielding, electronics, circuit board repair, etc.

The following technical data is only for refference. Please test first if it is good to your purpose.